Social Concerns Team

The Social Concerns Team seeks out opportunities to serve those in need.  Some efforts serve those within our congregation, while others have a community, national, or international reach.  The wide variety of projects done by this Team have aided those who suffer from hunger; legal representation; basic daily needs; holiday gifts; or a decent bed.


“Loved by God, Living for Others.”

Social Concerns continues to seek ways in which we can serve the Lord by serving others.

We donated $200 of our budgeted money this year to Soup or Socks, and another $200 to Lutheran World Relief.  

During the past few months, sent cards to the boys at the Homme Home; sent cards and messages to FLC members who are shut-ins or on their own; and we continue to support our congregation’s efforts to donate cash and pantry items to Soup or Socks.  We encourage the donation of card fronts, which are made into other beautiful crafts, and which provide socialization for those who craft them.

Together with United Way and the Nutrition on Weekends program, we seek to assist where we are able with efforts to meet the needs of families who need help with food security or other essentials.

If you are aware of another need that we could address, please contact any member of the Social Concerns Team.

Equal Exchange

Fair Trade means paying small-scale farmers fairly and investing in agricultural communities around the world.  It has been several months since the last in-person Equal Exchange Fair Trade Sale was held in the church, and it is unknown when another sale can be held in the building.   If anyone would like to purchase Equal Exchange coffee, tea, chocolate/cocoa, or pecans, contact Lisa Helstein at (715) 591-2072 or to work out a plan for delivery.  You can also place your own order at, although prices for single items are higher than the price per case that we have ordered. 

Learn the Story of the Black Farmers in Georgia Who Grow Pecans for Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange - Fairly Traded  - Products Available