God's Love, Our World

GLOW (Gods Love, Our World)

Faith Lutheran Church Sunday Program starts the second Sunday after Labor Day and continues through the third Sunday in May, from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. We offer classes to children who are at least 3 years old before September 1st through 8th grade.

GLOW consist of Bible-based classes which teach children about God through fun stories, crafts, and other exciting activities. 

There is Music where students have sing-a-longs with our Music Teachers. Children perform songs 2-3 times a year during worship services. Each Christmas, there is a program with songs and a story or skit of the birth of Jesus!

Children participate in 1-2 community service projects throughout the year.

Summer GLOW is offered during June, July, and August, and is held once a month during church service.  

***The new Child and Protection Policy can be viewed here.*** 

Opportunities for Elementary Students

Beside Sunday School, we give chances for elementary children to grow in their faith in other ways. We encourage them to attend family events with their parents to continue growing in their faith. We also do "Kids Night Out" for students in 1st through 6th grades. We gather at church and play games, hear stories, enjoy snacks, and get our hands messy with a craft or something else that's fun. We hope the children invite friends as we grow our faith with one another and in our community.