The Church Council is our main governing body which normally meets during the 3rd week of each month, normally on Thursday nights.  It approves the church's annual budget, policies, and certain events.  Most Council members also serve on at least one mission team which oversees a particular church function.  The teams were reorganized in early 2018 to reflect current goals and trends.   Each current Council member's team is listed below, along with the officers' positions.   

Paul Kapla— President, Facilities Management 

Theresa Hanson—Vice-president, Technology, Personnel 

Lisa Helstein——Secretary, Social Concerns/Green, Worship & Music 

Bill Olsen — Treasurer 

Donna Streiff— Education 

Ron Jensen— Education 

Nolan Quarne—Youth 

Brenda Fellenz—Faith In Action 

Paula Hadlock—Youth 

Pastor Heather Brown